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Mini biomass CHP plants

Mini Green Power designs and manufactures « mini green power plants » which generate, from locally available waste biomass, energy for the local needs: electricity and/or heat for drying, heating, air conditioning, water purification etc.

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Mini Green Power is born from a simple intuition: tomorrow’s energy will be generated locally (power clouding) and will come more and more from renewable energies

From this intuition and considering the vast amount of plant biomass currently not valued, the company has designed small (human-size) power plants that can be easily installed in any place where such biomass is available, to turn it into valuable energies for local needs.

This small power plant (550 kWth) is designed in a modular way:

  • The first module (the size of a 20 feet container) receives the biomass and feeds it to the next module
  • The gasification module (the size of two containers) turns the biomass into hot or superheated water.
  • The third module uses this hot water for CHP generation, drying, heating, water purification or cold manufacturing.

Plant size

The mini plant footprint is less than 100 m² (excluding biomass storage).

MGP subcontracts the manufacturing of the modules and realizes their integration and automation. The automation system, specifically designed by MGP and remotely controlled, enables MGP to monitor the performance of “mini green power plants”, forecast their maintenance and lower running costs.


Thanks to their modular conception, the company will market its first units in France (for instance for mud drying applications) and will then develop its sales abroad, adapting the third module to the needs of its customers (electricity generation for isolated sites, water purification, cold manufacturing etc.).


Since it uses local biomass resources and produces energy valued locally, the “mini green power plant” participates in the energy transition and joins in the logic of the short circuits (circular economy).

The great flexibility brought by the modularity enables the development of a wide variety of applications for various needs in numerous countries. Besides bringing clean energies and enabling the recycling of waste biomass, the “mini green power plant” generates local employment.

This human-sized project aims at bringing to people energy resources respectful of their environment and suited to local needs, in a responsible and profitable way.

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demonstrator in 2016

Performances, impacts et résultats

Treatment of green waste on site

Reduction of green waste management costs

Generate green energy from non used material

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    Hubert Sabourin
    Mini Green Power
    Representing general manager
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    Béatrice Guenebeaud
    Mini Green Power
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